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Environmental protection industrial hygiene of magnesium oxide

2020-04-03 09:58:59

Many times, everyone will worry that the production of chemical companies will cause serious pollution to our living environment. So everyone will be very repulsive to chemical companies in their hearts. This was also the protest of the Maoming citizen game in Guangdong some time ago. In fact, chemical companies are as terrible as everyone thinks. As long as we do environmental protection industrial hygiene, all this can be avoided completely. Hebei Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd., as a large-scale magnesium oxide manufacturer, how does it do environmental protection industrial hygiene?

Raw material production

The ammonium halide method is used to produce light magnesium oxide, the generated washing water will contain trace amounts of ammonium. The presence of ammonium will cause harm to the environment, so Hebei Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. will set up an ammonium recovery device according to the production scale to recycle. The production of light magnesium oxide by dolomite carbonization will produce a large amount of waste slag in the production, that is, magnesium-containing calcium carbonate, which often causes debris flow disasters pollutes the mountainous environment in mountainous areas. Hebei Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. adopts a new carbonization process to comprehensively utilize magnesium-containing calcium carbonate to produce light calcium carbonate. Light calcium carbonate has an important role in rubber, paper, plastic paint, so it can be turned into a treasure.

Finished product production

During the high-temperature calcination operation, a large amount of high-temperature steam will evaporate when the top of the high-temperature furnace is charged, to prevent burns to the face hands. Therefore, when the calcined material is discharged the furnace, the hot material should be prevented spraying out at the discharge port, the face must be careful to face the discharge port. In addition, Hebei Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. will prepare protective clothing, protective glasses protective gloves for each employee to ensure the safety of the staff. During the crushing operation, dust will overflow. Therefore, Hebei Magnesium Technology Co., Ltd. will make the workshop sealed isolated wear protective masks.



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