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1. The basic connotation of the Haililong culture


Haililong culture is the sum of outstanding cultural genes gradually cultivated  accumulated in the company's development process. Throughout the history of Hailong's entrepreneurial development, the cultural connotation of "your courage, newness, strictness, trust  cooperation" has always been running through.

——Courage means courage to create glory. The development of an enterprise is to rely on the courage to be aggressive, to be first,  to rely on self-pressurization  perseverance.

——New means innovation wins. On the basis of summing up the past  drawing on advanced experience, we will take the initiative to learn all new knowledge  new technologies, break the routine,  innovate  develop, making it a source of vitality for enterprise growth.

——Strict, that is, the rules gather strength. The core of advocacy organization construction is strict rules  perfect execution. Through strict organizational discipline, the work enthusiasm of all employees ZUI is mobilized to a maximum extent.

——Faith, that is, integrity builds eternity. Taking honesty as the foundation  source of action for Haililong people, winning the trust of shareholders, employees, customers  society,  accumulating abundant "social capital" for Haililong for a hundred years.

——Cooperating, that is, working together to achieve excellence. Advocate all Haililong people to unite  collaborate, actively communicate, cooperate closely, share honor  shame,  finally achieve the company's sustainable development.

2. Hailiong's values


With the idea as its soul, Haililong culture constitutes an organic whole,  its core part is Haililong's values.

——Enterprise spirit: "Harmony, precision, loyalty, order, excellence". These five words reflect the spirit of solidarity  cooperation inside  outside the enterprise; the spirit of exquisite work in place; the spirit of loyalty to the enterprise, family, colleagues, work, shareholders  society; all work  words  deeds are handled according to the rules  meticulous spirit; Everything must be of high standard, high quality, high efficiency,  the spirit of pursuing excellence.

——The core concept: "Innovation is strong,  faith is far away". Advocating "creation" for "newness", "for" for "strength",  "hexin" for "ambitious" beliefs, which embodies Haililong's pursuit of innovation, harmony  integrity,  sustainable  healthy development.

——Corporate tenet: It is the value that Heililong people follow. "For life, career,  society" reflects the value pursuit of employees  three levels: First, Peiqiang does Haililong magnesium industry, creating wealth, health,  harmony Modern life; second, enhance the entrepreneurial entrepreneurial dedication  sense of accomplishment, build a hundred years of Hailong, achieve Hailong’s cause; third, through the development of Hailong, return to society  create more wealth  value for the society.

——Corporate Vision: Peiqiang is bigger  bigger, a hundred years of Hailong. Advocate the construction of a large  strong Helilong, continuously enhance the vitality  vitality of the enterprise,  promote the comprehensive development of all Heiliong people while the company continues to develop,  promote the health, wealth, achievement  pride of Heiliong people through the development of the enterprise .

——Technological innovation principle: be good at magnesium salt  focus on flame retardant.

——Enterprise management philosophy: simple, efficient, standardized  controlled.

——Personnel Training Concept: Everyone can become a talent,  creating value is talent.

——Production management concept: high, strict, detailed, practical  constant.

——Quality control concept: follow the standard  keep improving.

——Marketing Concept: Careful Service, Win-win Cooperation

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Address: Block B, Chenshuo Building, Commercial Street, Hanting District, Weifang City, Shandong